The Best Fishing in the Caribbean

Experience a Day Fishing on the Caribbean Sea

Plan your vacation with Active Caribbean Travel – Discover the best islands in the Caribbean to bone-fish and morePicture yourself ringed by turquoise blue waters, with a tropical island visible in the distance… quietly testing the waters for fish while soaking up the warmth of the sun.  While you’re out there on the Caribbean sea, you might see some whales or dolphins swimming by.  You can venture out deep-sea fishing for big game fish like marlin, sailfish or swordfish, you can fish the reefs for large delicious snappers and groupers to enjoy, or stick to the shallows for the unique challenge of some bone-fishing or fly-fishing from a sandbar.  You can also help the local eco-system by fishing for the invasive lionfish – The Caribbean has it all. You choose the adventure.  Follow the links below to get location information as well as tour / boat operators and more…


The best Caribbean islands for fishing shallows:

The best Caribbean islands for reef fishing:

Plan your vacation with Active Caribbean Travel – Discover the best islands in the Caribbean for deep-sea fish and moreThe best Caribbean islands for deep sea fishing:

When planning your Caribbean fishing trip, there are many factors that could influence your travel decisions…  Everyone’s priorities are different – Considerations for choosing a Caribbean fishing vacation:

  • The type of fishing (deep-sea, reef, shallow) you’re looking for
  • The number of desirable fishing spots per island
  • Availability and variety of fish per island
  • The type and quality of fishing boats (and gear) available from each island
  • The ease (cost) of getting to each island
  • Other things (besides fishing) to do on each island

Find the information you need to make an informed decision, here on the pages of the Active Caribbean Travel


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