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Plan your vacation with Active Caribbean Travel – Discover what Bonaire has to offer. Dive / snorkel a reef, visit nature reserves and see parrots and flamingos or enjoy festivals, heritage sites, site-seeing tours and more.

Bonaire Travel Information – Adventures & Things to Do



Bonaire is a small (111 sq miles / 288 sq km total area) island in the southern Caribbean’s Lesser Antilles, situated about 25 miles (80km) north of the Venezuelan coast.  The island is a special municipality within the country/kingdom of the Netherlands.  Safe from hurricanes, Bonaire has a truly amazing climate, relatively warm and dry for most of the year.  Famous for it’s pink flamingos and amazing coral reefs, the island is a very popular spot for diving, snorkeling and other water sports. Bonaire has plenty to offer travelers seeking an active vacation.  Check out the activities below, and follow their links for more specifics, including Tour Operators who can help you get the most out of your day:

Active adventurous ‘things to do’ in Bonaire:

  • Places to Snorkel and Dive around Bonaire
  • Kayaking the mangroves of Cay Bay
  • Water sports (Surfing, Windsurfing, Kite-surfing, etc…)
  • The Hiking Trails of Bonaire
    • There are some easy and intermediate level hiking trails on the island, including some in Washington-Slagbaai National Park
  • Play Golf in Bonaire
    • There is an unique golf course on the island
  • Mountain-biking
  • Caving
  • Sailing and boating
  • Fishing

Other activities and ‘things to do’ in Bonaire

There are tour operators who will take you bird watching, rock-climbing, horseback riding.  There’s also botanical gardens as well as a Parrot Conservation centre and a donkey sanctuary.  Check out “Other things to do in Bonaire” for more info as well as local tour operators.

In the mood for a party?

The island hosts a number of Festivals throughout the year… Check out the Bonaire Festivals and Events calendar for dates, locations and more information.

Looking for a place to stay?

There are a number of accommodation options available to you, including Eco-lodges, Hotels, Resorts, Wellness Retreats and there’s even a Campground.  Go to our Bonaire Accommodation page for a directory of places to stay.

Make your stay more enjoyable

Check out our local Bonaire Travel Info (language, power, currency, weather etc…) that will help you plan your trip.

Do you care about the environment?

Like you, we’re interested in supporting sustainable eco-tourism, and it’s good to know that Saint Lucia has initiated a number of clean energy initiatives on the island, and offer a number of “green” hotels and tour operators.  Check out our Bonaire Sustainability page for more info.

Curious as to the island’s natural habitat?

Check out our Bonaire Flora and Fauna page.

With direct flights from the USA, Canada and the Netherlands, Bonaire is easily within reach, so pack your snorkel mask and binoculars, and get active in the Caribbean!


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