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In order to relax and enjoy yourself on vacation, it’s best to know the basics of the island country you’re visiting.

The people of Jamaica speak English, although the residents also speak a native dialect, a type of Patois, which sometimes makes it difficult to communicate.

The main currency on the island is the Jamaican dollar, although the US dollar is also widely accepted.

Please note that the Jamaica electrical power system uses 110-120volt AC with non-grounded outlets/plugs.  This means that only power ‘adapters’ for grounded (3 prong) devices are required by North Americans.  Surge suppressors (to handle the occasional dirty power) are also recommended.

Jamaica falls in the Eastern Standard Time Zone, five hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.

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When is the best time to travel to Jamaica? 

In terms of the weather, the best time to vacation in Jamaica may be December through April, with February/March being optimal, as this is when there’s the lowest chance of rain.  The daily average temperatures still range comfortably from a low of 72˚ (22˚c) to a high of 84˚ (29˚c) degrees. It’s much hotter, more humid, and with a higher chance of rain later in the year.  The chance of a Tropical Storm or Hurricane hitting Jamaica is possible anytime between June and November, with September being the most risky.  It is prudent to watch the weather conditions a week or two in advance of your travel plans to ensure it is safe to travel late in the year.

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