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One of the best islands in the Caribbean for hiking, Martinique offers a variety of easy relaxing walks as well as some very challenging / mountainous hikes.

Martinique is a unique Caribbean island, and that holds true for its hiking trails as well. As an “over-seas region” of France and the 3rd largest of the Windward islands, Martinique has the best highways and road system I’ve encountered in the Caribbean, along with one of the largest network of hiking trails. The island is approximately 13 miles (21km) wide by 64 miles (103km) long, with a total coastline of 218 miles (351km). With Dominica to the north, and St. Lucia to the south, Martinique is pretty much the centre of the West Indies’ Lesser Antilles. The island has about half a dozen mountains above 2,300 feet (700m) tall, with the largest being the iconic (active) volcano Mount Pelee whose peak stands 4,583 feet (1,397m) above sea level.

At the north end of Martinique, south of Mount Pelee, there are a number of other tall peaks of interest, mostly located in the Pitons du Carbet or Parc Naturel Régional de la Martinique. These include Piton Lacroix [FYI – google maps shows it in the wrong location] at 3,870 feet (1180m); Morne Piquet at 3,691 feet (1125m); Piton de l’ Alma at 3543 feet (1080m); Petit Bonhomme at 2,755 feet (840m); Morne du Lorrain at 2,461 feet (750 m); and Morne Plume at 2,302 feet (702m).

Up-hill hiking on Martinique… There are well over 2 dozen marked trails on the island, along with a number of un-maintained trails. There’s about 10 decent uphill hikes to be enjoyed, and there doesn’t appear to be any fees for any of these trails. Featured trail for up-hill hiking on Martinique:

Recommended trails for up-hill hiking on Martinique include:

  • Montagne Pelee – The island’s highest peak is located at the north end of the island
    • The most famous hike up a semi-active volcano
    • There are a number of ways to reach the peak. The most challenging are:
      • From Chateaux a Desiles (Macouba)
        • Difficult: 4-6 hours, 16km (return) with a 1220m vertical
      • From Beausejour (Near Grand Riviere)
        • Difficult: 4-6 hours, 15km (return) with a 1170m vertical
      • Precheur – Grand Riviere is located on the north tip of the island
        • Popular hike with a waterfalls and spectacular views of the Caribbean sea
        • Intermediate: 6 hours, 20km (return) with a 780m vertical
    • Circuit de Saint-Cecile (loop) is located in the north-central part of the island (south of Le Morne Rouge)
      • For experienced hikers (bog holes) / Nice views / Can be combined with Morne Jacob (below)
      • Difficult: 4 hours, 8.5km with a 530m vertical
    • Carabin – Morne Jacob is located in the north-central part of the island (south-west of Le Marigot)
      • For experienced hikers (steep) / Nice views to the east / Can be combined with Saint-Cecile (above)
      • Difficult: 4 hours, 8.4km (return) with a 460m vertical
    • Reculee au Morne Bellevue is located in the north-central part of the island (south-west of Ste-Marie)
    • Nice view of the town & bay of Ste-Marie, as well as Morne Jacob
    • Easy: 3-4 hours, 9.6km (return) with a 430m vertical

Other potential 1/2 day hikes of interest include:

  • Circuit de la Caravelle (loop) is located on the east point of Presqu’Île de la Caravelle
    • Nature Reserve jutting into the Atlantic Ocean
    • Intermediate: 2-4 hours, 8km loop
  • Morne Larcher is located on the south-west tip of the island
    • Spectacular panoramic views of the island and Caribbean sea
    • Intermediate: 1-3 hours, 4km (return) with a 400m vertical
  • Boucle de la Pointe du Vauclin (loop) is located on the south-east point of Pointe du Vauclin
    • Variety of flora
    • Easy: 1-2 hours, 6km loop

If you’re looking to backpack…There’s a couple of coastal trails worth exploring:

  • Sentier Littoral Nord Atlantique – A 45km long hike along the north-east coast of Martinique from Basse pointe to Le Robert. Estimated to take 10 hours one way.
  • Trace des Caps – A 34km long hike along the south-east point of Martinique from Macabou (south of Le Vauclin) to Ste-Anne. Estimated to take 7 hours one-way.

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