Saint Lucia Rum

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Excellent Rum from the St. Lucia Distillers Group

Located in the west coast town of Roseau, 20 minutes south of Castries, is the island’s only Rum producer.  The St. Lucia Distillers has a store front and factory here.

Perhaps not that well-known, St. Lucia Distillers produce some of the best rum in the Caribbean, winning dozens of awards from various spirits competitions around the world.

The St. Lucia Distillers produce over ten different rums, including varieties of white, flavoured, spiced and aged spirits, as well as rum based liqueurs/cremes.  They offer some excellent aged and spiced rums at very reasonable prices, along with some great premium sipping rums.

Their Chairman’s Reserve amber rum is getting the global recognition it deserves – A great rum at a decent price.  They have a couple of unique tasting Spiced rums made with a local aphrodisiac (Bois Bande), while their rum creams are to die for…  Perhaps their finest premium rum is Admiral Rodney, aged for an average of 12 years.

The St. Lucia Distillers facility includes a retail store, a sampling room and they also offer factory tours.  Its worth the trip to Roseau to check out these Saint Lucian rums.

You can take your car or a a taxi to the facility, however if you’re looking for a Tour Operator to take you there, check out:


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