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While not well known, the island of Saint Kitts may be home to one of the original Rum Distilleries in the Caribbean.  The Wingfield Estate Sugar Plantation was in operation producing rum as far back as the mid to late 1600s.  Unfortunately no more…  Although you can take a tour of the grounds / ruins.

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Today, the St Kitts Rum Company produces Brinley Gold Shipwreck Rum which comes in a variety of flavours: Spiced (Aged 4 yrs), White Reserve, along with naturally flavoured Vanilla, Coffee, Mango, Lime and Coconut.  A Coconut Cream liqueur is also available.

Another rum from St. Kitts is Belmont Estate Golden Coconut rum (Aged 4 yrs), which was apparently developed by Dr. Ian Sangster, of Jamaica Rum Cream fame.  Perhaps not surprisingly, this rum has a very syrupy sweet flavour.

For something uniquely Kittian, CSR (Cane Spirit Rothschild) is distilled from cane juice, like the French island’s rhum agricoles, then filtered through an elaborate patented system which provides a ‘clean’ clear alcohol.  Some think this is more akin to a moonshine vodka than a rum, however it is the spirit of choice for St. Kitts & Nevis’ famous ‘Ting ‘n Sting’ beverage!

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Meanwhile, over in Nevis, they’re producing the Clifton Estate Spiced Rum.  This rum is “blended & bottled” in Nevis from a 2 year old dark rum (of unknown origins) with a secret blend of oranges, honey and natural spices.  Sounds tasty!  For a unique experience, they offer a tour where you can fill your own bottle of rum, complete with a “personalized” engraved bottle.  They also recently launched a new rum called Moko Jumbie, a Gold & Silva rum intended to be the local ‘go-to’ Rum for mixers, cocktails and rum punches.



Looking for some rum during your trip to St. Kitts and Nevis?  Check out L & L Rumshop’s large selection of Caribbean rums in Charlestown (Nevis), or take one of the following tours:


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