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Hike the Cayman Islands – Trail Info, Guides and Tour Operators


There are a few nature-rich hiking trails on the islands…  Enjoy!

The best hiking trail on Grand Cayman:

  • Mastic Reserve Trail (Near the east end of the island)
    • Easy
    • About 2 miles (4km) round trip requiring 1–3 hours
    • Great hike through a variety of natural habitats

The somewhat rocky trail takes you through old growth dry forest, black mangrove wetland, stands of Royal Palms and Silver Thatch Palms and abandoned agricultural land where you’ll likely encounter flowers, birds (parrot, west indian woodpecker and caribbean dove), butterflies, lizards, frogs and large hermit crabs.

While you can do this hike on your own, it’s always better with a guide, as he/she can point out and explain the local flora and fauna that you would otherwise likely miss.  Contact the The National Trust for the Cayman Islands who will provide a local guide.

The best hiking trails on Cayman Brac:

  • There are close to 3 dozen short trails on the island.  Signs on the side of the roads mark the trail-heads. Recommended hikes include:
    • Bluff / Lighthouse (At the east tip of the island)
      • Easy
      • About 6km return trip requiring just over an hour
      • The trail starts in Spot Bay and follows the rugged coastline about half the time.  The 140 foot (43m) high bluff is the highest point of the Caymans and provides views of the sea towards Cuba.
    • National Trust Parrot Reserve Nature Trail (In the centre of the island)
      • Easy
      • About 1 mile (2km) round trip requiring less than an hour
      • Good hike with the possibility of seeing a parrot.  The loop trail goes through a small section of the 280 acres of protected land, home to the remaining (less than 400) endemic parrots that exist in the wild.  The trail will take you across grassed over farm land, thickets and forests where you can see mango trees, cactus and orchids.

The best hiking trails on Little Cayman:

  • Salt Rock Nature Trail (At the west end of the island)
    • Easy
    • About About 3 miles (5km) round trip requiring 1–3 hours
    • Good hike between Blossom Village and the north coast where you may see birds, butterflies, iguanas and orchids

Hiking specific Tour guides / operators coming soon…

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